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There will be genome sequencing of Corona patients, what will it reveal?

Once again the havoc of Corona is being seen. Now the new variant Covid 19 JN.1 is raising concerns. This is a variant of the Omicron family and is also said to be quite dangerous. It has been described as ‘Variant of Concern’ by WHO. Its cases are increasing rapidly in India also.  In such a situation, let us know how dangerous the new variant of Corona is, what are its symptoms and what should be done to avoid it… But in view of the new variants of Corona, one more thing has become popular on social media. It remains to be known that now variants of Corona can also be detected through genome sequencing. 

Now the question arises that what is genome sequencing?

Actually, genome sequencing is a kind of test. Through this test you can easily find out whether you have corona. Also, in this test you will clearly know which type of corona you have. In this, the complete biodata of the virus is prepared. This virus contains many elements like DNA and RNA. Which is tested through genome sequencing. How was this virus created? How is it different from other viruses? How it looks. 

Symptoms of COVID JN.1

According to experts, most of the cases of JN.1 have been quite mild. Its symptoms are fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat, body ache and fatigue. Its symptoms are similar to flu. One should be alerted if the problem of breathlessness occurs along with these symptoms. Some home remedies can be adopted to reduce the symptoms of flu. Since the symptoms of the new variant of Covid 19 are very similar to flu, to avoid it, along with following the rules related to corona, you can try some measures."text-align: justify;">How is genome sequencing done

Genome sequencing allows comparison of new and old viruses so that they can be treated correctly. It is not that it is done only for Corona, but it is used in all infected and viral diseases. For this, special preparation is done in the lab. Genome sequencing in India was first started in Rajasthan. Many of its labs have been built in the country. 

Disclaimer: Before implementing the methods, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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