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This heat styling tool can be dangerous for hair, be careful

Nowadays the trend of styling hair and getting new hair designs made has become very common. People like to give different looks to their hair like straight, curly, wavy, smooth etc. For this they use heat styling tools like hair straightener, curling iron, hair dryer etc. With these tools it has become very easy to give attractive shape to the hair. With this, designs are made by giving different shapes to the hair. But heat styling tools are very harmful for hair. Let us know how it is damaging the hair. 

Hair loses moisture 
Hair naturally contains moisture which nourishes it and keeps it healthy. But when we use heat styling tools, the excessive heat emanating from them sucks this natural moisture from the hair. The inner part of the hair starts drying due to lack of moisture. Due to this, hair becomes weak and starts breaking and falling easily. Due to moisture getting removed from the hair, they become lifeless and their shine also reduces. This causes the hair to become dry, lifeless and start breaking. 

The hair protein gets destroyed 
A type of protein called keratin is found inside the hair. This protein strengthens the hair and keeps it healthy. The presence of this protein gives shine to the hair. But when we continuously use heat styling equipment, the keratin protein starts getting damaged due to the excessive heat emanating from it. Due to this, the hair becomes weak and brittle and starts breaking easily. 

Problem of itching in hair
Daily and continuous use of heated appliances for styling hair can also cause great harm to the scalp. When we repeatedly curl and straighten our hair, the heat also affects the scalp. Problems like dandruff start appearing in the scalp and sometimes problems like itching also occur. To avoid this, heat appliances should be used carefully.   

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