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Rajat Sharma’s Blog: If Hemant Soren is arrested, who will become CM? – India TV Hindi

Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

After Bihar, now there is a wind of change in Jharkhand. After disappearing for 40 hours, Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren appeared in front of everyone on Tuesday. Antardhyaan had come from Delhi and appeared in Ranchi. The ED team kept searching the car parked in the Delhi house and Hemant Soren sat in another car and entered his house in Ranchi smiling. When people asked, where were you, you replied, you were in your heart. After this, Hemant Soren called the MLAs of all the parties involved in the government to his house, there was a discussion, his wife Kalpana Soren was also present in the meeting. Therefore, discussion started that Hemant Soren would leave the chair due to fear of arrest and Kalpana Soren would be made the Chief Minister. A meeting of all the MLAs was held again in the evening, in which a supporting resolution was passed in favor of Hemant Soren. On Wednesday, Hemant Sorne appeared at the ED office where he was interrogated in the money laundering case. As developments were happening rapidly in Jharkhand, Governor CP Radhakrishnan summoned the Chief Secretary, Home Secretary, Director General of Police. Section 144 was imposed within a radius of 100 meters of the Chief Minister’s residence and Raj Bhavan. Central security forces were deployed outside the ED office. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was to reach Ranchi on February 3, stay at Raj Bhavan at night and hold a rally the next day in Dhanbad and then in Bettiah, Bihar, but this visit was cancelled.

Since so many political developments took place simultaneously and if we look at them all together, it becomes clear that something is going to happen. That is why Hemant Soren is engaged in future planning. Since Hemant Soren remained missing for 40 hours, a lot of questions arose. The biggest question is that if Hemant Soren was afraid of arrest then why did he come to Delhi from Ranchi? If you had come, why did you run away? If you run away, then why run away by hiding? His chartered plane was stuck at Delhi airport, so how did he reach Ranchi? If Hemant Soren wants to make Kalpana Soren the CM. So could have been made earlier also. Were they waiting for a deal that didn’t happen? Or is there division in his family regarding this? Why is Hemant Soren’s MLA brother Basant Soren silent on such an occasion? And why is his MLA sister-in-law Sita Soren in Delhi? Why didn’t she go to Ranchi? Are some JMM MLAs in touch with BJP? Has BJP hidden its trump card? Can there be any sport in Jharkhand like Bihar?

The reality is that Hemant Soren has understood that his arrest is certain. He does not have answers to ED’s questions. He was avoiding ED with complete planning. He was trying to implement his strategy. Were not going out of Jharkhand due to fear of arrest. But suddenly he reached Delhi, hence there was a stir. It has been learned that Hemant Soren had come to Delhi to meet top BJP leaders in his last attempt to avoid arrest. He felt that if he changed sides and joined BJP, he might be able to avoid going to jail. But BJP leaders in Delhi refused to talk, let alone meet. After this, Hemant Soren understood that if he returned home to Delhi, ED would arrest him. That’s why instead of returning home, he secretly left for Ranchi without telling anyone. But the surprising thing is that the Chief Minister of a state, who has got Z Plus security cover, should leave like this, without anyone getting a clue, the security personnel should remain standing, how is this possible? But Hemant Soren did it and the manner in which he reached Ranchi on Tuesday seemed as if he was showing that it is not easy to catch him. Now Hemant Soren is preparing his allies to accept his wife as the Chief Minister if he is arrested. But this will not be so easy because there is no consensus in this matter, leave alone an alliance, even in the family. It has been learned that Hemant Soren’s brother Basant Soren himself wants to become CM. He is MLA from Dumka. Hemant Soren’s sister-in-law Sita Soren is also an MLA from Jama. Some party MLAs are with him. If Hemant Soren tries to put his wife Kalpana Soren on the chair in his place, then there is talk that only Basant Soren can spoil the game. Can form government with BJP. At present, the picture of Jharkhand Assembly is something like this – Total seats 81, ruling party – JMM – 29, Congress – 17, RJD – ​​1, CPI-ML 1. Opposition – BJP 26, AJSU 3, NCP(AP) 1, Independent 1. The picture is still pending. (Rajat Sharma)

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