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What is Dry Ice, after eating which people started bleeding from the mouth, know what is the whole matter?

A strange case has come to light from Gurgaon. In fact, in a restaurant in Gurgaon, five people started bleeding from their mouths after eating dry ice instead of mouth freshener. According to the police, the waiter mistakenly gave dry ice instead of mouth freshener. After eating this, people started having burning sensation and bleeding in their mouth. The condition of the people who had eaten became so serious that they had to be rushed to the hospital. Today in this article we will know what is dry ice and what are the side effects of eating it?

What is Dry Ice?

Actually, dry ice, as the name suggests, is called dry ice. Whose temperature is up to 80 degrees. It is made of solid carbon dioxide. Understand this in simple language that when you put normal ice in your mouth, it starts melting. When normal ice melts it starts turning into water. Whereas when dry ice melts, it spreads directly into carbon dioxide gas. It is often used to store medical stores, groceries. It is also used during photoshoots and theatre. 

Dry Ice is very dangerous for health

Dye ice can prove to be very dangerous for health. As soon as it is eaten, it melts due to heat and then spreads all over the mouth. It’s like ice melts. It turns into carbon dioxide gas. And it causes a lot of damage to the tissues and cells around the mouth. This may also cause the person to faint. In some cases, the person may even die. Forget eating dry skin, it should be kept away from the skin. Even if you ever touch it, do so only with cloth or leather and gloves. Bleeding may occur as soon as it comes in skin contact. 

Coming in contact with carbon dioxide causes problems like headache, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, tremors, ringing in the ears. Coming in direct contact with it can cause coma and even death. 

Disclaimer: Before implementing the method, methods and suggestions mentioned in this article, please consult a doctor or related expert.

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