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So that’s why Japanese people live for 100 years! Steal these 7 Healthy Habits – India TV Hindi

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7 healthy japanese habits

7 healthy japanese habits: Do you know that Japanese people live the longest life in the world? The average age of people in Japan is also above 80 years and there you will find many people who are 100 years old or more. Actually, the reason for all this is their healthy habits. The daily routine of Japanese people is very beneficial for health. Not only this, their skin and hair also remain beautiful till the end of their life. So, let us know why Japanese people live longer and 7 Healthy Japanese Habits

Why do Japanese people live longer? 7 Healthy Japanese Habits

1. Japanese people drink Matcha Green Tea

Matcha green tea is beneficial for everyone. It contains good amount of polyphenols which is helpful in weight loss. It also cleans the toxins in the body and then improves the functioning of the stomach and liver. Therefore you should also drink matcha green tea.

2. Do not eat sweets

The biggest reason for the longevity of the people of Japan is that the people here do not eat sweets. This protects their body from diseases like diabetes. Apart from this, the body also remains protected from obesity and heart diseases.

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3. Forest Bathing is the secret of happiness

The people of Japan have great faith in Forest Bathing. That means spending time in the forest. Roaming in the forest, walking and feeling and enjoying the natural things there. This is really like nature therapy.

4. Ikigai

Ikigai, which translates to “reason for being”. This is a holistic approach towards life. It encourages individuals to find a balance between their passions. Apart from this, it is helpful in making life stress free.

Why do Japanese people live the longest

Image Source : SOCIAL

Why do Japanese people live the longest

5. Get up early in the morning

In Japan, often referred to as the Land of the Rising Sun, waking up early is a widespread practice. Many people start their day with sunrise and this helps you in living a stress free life. Waking up early, and being exposed to the morning sun, will reset your natural clock and provide you with energy throughout the day.

6. Using smaller plates

Use small plates to eat food. The people of Japan use smaller plates that are about four to six inches in size. Through this, Japanese people limit the quantity of their food. That means eat less and live longer.

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7. Reduce carbs intake

In Japan, people consume less things rich in carbohydrates. Instead of this, consume more protein rich vegetables, seed foods and herbs. With this they live a long life and remain protected from diseases. So, if you want to stay healthy then you should also adopt these healthy habits of the people of Japan.

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