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You might know about lung or stomach cancer, but have you ever heard of heart cancer? What is such a disease?

Heart Cancer: Till date you must have heard about many types of cancer. These include types like stomach cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, blood cancer and cervical cancer but have you ever heard about heart cancer. Your answer will probably be no. This is because cases of heart cancer are quite rare in the world. Let us know why the cases of heart cancer are decreasing…

what is cancer

When cells in any part of the body start growing uncontrollably, it is called cancer. This is a fatal disease. Because if the symptoms of any cancer appear in the last stage then it becomes difficult to avoid it. But today times have changed and treatments have come which can prevent cancer by identifying it early.

What is heart cancer?

Cases of heart cancer are very rare, that is why we rarely hear about it. Out of 10 lakh cancer patients, heart cancer is found in only two patients. In some patients, if a tumor forms near the heart, it is non-cancerous. More than half of the tumors in the heart are myxomas, which usually occur on the left side of the heart. These arise in the inner layer of the heart wall, but are mostly non-cancerous.

Why does heart cancer reduce?

According to health experts, like all the organs of the heart, the cells in it do not grow at a fast pace. Due to which heart cancer is reduced. Heart cells do not divide like cells of other organs of the body, due to which the risk of cancer there is reduced. Even if there is a tumor in the heart, it does not turn into cancer, because there are very few cases of heart cancer in the whole world.

cancer prevention

According to the cancer surgeon, to avoid this, the most important thing is to take proper care of your diet. Keep exercising every day. For this, it is important to get the screening done every 6 months. If a disease is being felt in any part for a long time then do not take it lightly.

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