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Zombie virus is four times more dangerous than Corona, this monster has been hiding under the snow for 48000 years, scientists warn

Zombie Virus: You must have seen or heard about zombies in Hollywood or Bollywood films, which are very dangerous. But do you know that scientists have warned that zombie virus is going to attack people. Actually, these viruses have been hidden under the Arctic ice for the last 48,000 years and the way the ice is melting due to global warming, a situation may arise that this virus may wreak havoc in the entire world. So let us tell you today about this zombie virus.

what is zombie virus

According to scientists, samples taken from Siberian permafrost have revealed that the zombie virus has become active again. Actually, this virus has been stored underground for thousands of years, but the way the snow is melting due to global warming, this epidemic can gradually emerge in the southern region and then spread to the north as well. Scientists have issued a warning regarding the zombie virus that if this virus spreads, it can cause a new epidemic like Corona.

This virus is 48500 years old

Many reports have been published regarding zombie virus. According to a report related to this last year, a sample of a virus is 48500 years old. According to the research done on this sample, the virus that was tested was capable of infecting only amoeba and was not a threat to humans. But this does not mean that the virus currently frozen in permafrost is not a threat to humans, because many mutations have occurred in this virus which can be dangerous for humans as well.

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