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5 years ago on this day, the country lost 44 soldiers, tribute paid to the martyrs of Pulwama – India TV Hindi

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Srinagar: The day of 14th February 2019 left the country with a deep wound. Even today, the pain of this wound continues to emerge. This was a day which the country has not been able to forget till date. On this day, there was a suicide attack on the CRPF convoy and about 44 CRPF soldiers were martyred in this attack. Tributes were paid to the soldiers martyred in this attack at Latpura CRPF camp today.

In the Latpura CRPF camp, a wall has been built in the memory of all those martyred soldiers on which the names of the martyred soldiers are written. Along with this, an urn has been placed near this wall in which the soil from the courtyard of the houses of all those soldiers has been collected and every year the soldiers and officers remember the martyrdom of all those soldiers. They shower flowers on them and salute them by paying homage to them with their eyes and name.

Actually, as part of force deployment on 14 February 2019, a huge convoy of CRPF was coming towards Srinagar. At exactly 3:15, as soon as the convoy reached Latpura in Pulwama National Highway, suicide bomber Adil rammed his Eeco car equipped with explosives into a bus included in the CRPF convoy. The entire area was shaken by the echo of the explosion. 44 CRPF soldiers were martyred in the blast.

This Pulwama attack was the biggest terrorist attack in the history of Kashmir’s militancy. Immediately after the attack, calls for revenge for this attack were echoed across the country. Just a few days after the attack, the Indian Army entered Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and carried out a surgical strike and destroyed the terrorist hideouts of Jaish. Operation All Out was conducted on a large scale against Jaish and other terrorist organizations in Kashmir. In Operation All Out, not only the terrorists involved in the Pulwama attack but also all the top commanders of Lashkar, Jaish, Hizbul Mujahideen and Ansar ul Ghazwat Al Hind were either killed or arrested.

This attack proved to be the turning point in ending terrorism in Kashmir. This attack greatly boosted the morale of CRPF. CRPF along with Jammu Kashmir Police and Army fought the terrorists. Not only this, immediately after this attack, Parliament elections were also held in Kashmir in which CRPF played an important role. The CRPF team also provided security to the Amarnath Yatra. After the removal of Article 370, the situation in Kashmir was closely monitored and there was no bloodshed. The whole country is feeling proud of those soldiers today that due to their martyrdom, peace has returned to Kashmir. The picture of Kashmir has changed. Today there is neither fear of violence, nor of stone pelting, nor of terrorism.

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