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A woman fought with a tiger to save her friend, the man-eater ran away within a short time

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The tiger could not stand the courage of the woman and ran away.

Pithoragarh: A woman from Uttarakhand did not hesitate to fight a tiger to save her friend and died after saving her. According to reports, in Champawat district of the state, a woman displayed indomitable courage and rescued her friend from the claws of a man-eating tiger. The fight between the woman and the tiger lasted for some time and eventually the ferocious animal was forced to flee the spot. The woman injured in the tiger attack has suffered serious injuries, although her condition is out of danger.

‘Janaki ran after the tiger with a sickle’

Champawat Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) R.C. Kandpal said on Thursday that the incident took place in Ucholigoth village of Tanakpur area on Wednesday when Geeta Devi and Janaki Devi had gone to the nearby Boom Range forests to collect fodder for the cattle and suddenly the tiger attacked Geeta Devi. The forest officer said, ‘Seeing Geeta Devi being dragged into the forest by the tiger, instead of panicking, Janaki Devi ran after her with her sickle. Along with shouting, Janaki was also throwing stones at the running tiger.

Injured Geeta got a total of 21 stitches in her head.

DFO said that after a brief struggle the tiger ran away leaving Geeta Devi. Meanwhile, many women also reached the spot raising slogans of Mother Purnagiri Devi and expressed gratitude to the Goddess for saving Geeta’s life. Janaki later told that the tiger had tried to attack her too but she did not give up and died after saving her friend. Geeta Devi, the woman who was injured in the tiger attack, was taken to a local hospital where she received 21 stitches on her head.

Geeta referred for better treatment

According to reports, Geeta was later referred to a higher health center for better treatment. DFO said that there is a good number of tigers and leopards in this area. He said that villagers have been advised not to go alone near the forests and to be cautious in view of the presence of tigers and leopards. (Language)

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