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Aap Ki Adalat: Will Muslims have to live in fear in Uttarakhand? CM Dhami replied – India TV Hindi

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Will Muslims have to live in fear in Uttarakhand?

Your Court: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami appeared in India TV’s popular show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. During this, he faced a sharp question from Rajat Sharma, Editor-in-Chief of India TV. Pushkar Singh Dhami answered these questions one by one very well. While answering the questions of CM Dhami Rajat Sharma, he said that we have not brought UCC against anyone. If there is a Nikah in Islam then there will be Nikah. If there are 7 rounds in Hindu religion then it will be 7 rounds. We have not asked anyone to change the method. Yes, we have definitely changed that we want to end the system of divorce after marriage or having multiple wives. We do not want women to be harassed.

What did CM Dhami say on UCC?

He said that Uniform Civil Code will work to give equal rights to all. He said that the Uniform Civil Code has not been brought to target anyone. This law is for everyone. This law has been brought for the empowerment of women, men and children. These laws have been brought for the safety of every citizen. He said that Shariat will not prevail in the country, but Uniform Civil Code will prevail. Uniform Civil Code will liberate women from evils like Halala and Triple Talaq. He said that the demography of Uttarakhand has changed and its basic nature has also changed. In such a situation, we have resolved that we will not let the original nature of Uttarakhand be affected nor will we allow the demography of Uttarakhand to change.

Muslims in Uttarakhand need not fear?

CM Dhami further said that no one needs to live in fear in Uttarakhand. In Uttarakhand all people live together in brotherhood. Those who do good work, who are doing business in a peaceful manner, who are working to advance the state, who are law abiding people, they do not need to fear anyone in the state. He said that in your court we promise that no one needs to live in fear in Uttarakhand. Under the law brought on live-in relationships, he said that whatever provisions have been made under the UCC have been made for the safety of the sons and daughters of the country. In the future, after being in a live-in relationship, some incident happens. Many times children are born while living together. There is no caretaker for those children. They do not get any share in the property. Especially under this law, we have worried about daughters and men also. The rule for registration of people living under live-in relationship has been brought only for security reasons.

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