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Action will be taken against asking for votes on the basis of caste, religion and language, strict instructions from Election Commission – India TV Hindi

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Election Commission issued strict instructions.

The dates of Lok Sabha elections are likely to be announced soon. Earlier on Friday, the Election Commission has issued strict instructions for all the political parties of the country even before the implementation of the code of conduct. The Election Commission has given instructions not to seek votes in the name of caste, religion, language and in many other ways. The commission has also said that instead of ‘moral condemnation’, strict action will be taken against candidates and star campaigners who violate the code of conduct. Let us know what other instructions the Commission has issued.

Election campaigning is not allowed from the place of worship.

The Election Commission has asked leaders to refrain from seeking votes on the basis of caste, religion and language and not to ridicule the relationship between a devotee and God or make reference to divine wrath. The commission also said that temples, mosques, churches, gurudwaras or any other place of worship should not be used for election campaigning. The commission has also said that star campaigners and candidates who have received notices earlier will face strict action for repeated violations of the model code of conduct.

Strict instructions to star campaigners and candidates

The Election Commission has asked various political parties and their leaders to maintain decorum during the election campaign. Also warned of additional responsibility on star campaigners and candidates, especially those to whom notices were issued earlier also. The Commission has said that political parties and their leaders should not make statements without factual basis or mislead voters.

Keep an eye on social media also

The Election Commission has also included activities on social media in its instructions. The Commission has said in its instructions that posts defaming or insulting rivals and insulting dignity should not be made or such material should be shared on social media. (input language)

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