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After ‘Panauti’, now ruckus over ‘fuse tubelight’, BJP released poster

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After ‘Panauti’, now ruckus over ‘Fuse Tubelight’.

New Delhi: The ongoing round of allegations and counter allegations between BJP and Congress continues. Meanwhile, BJP has once again targeted Rahul Gandhi. Actually, a poster has been released from the X handle of BJP. In this, BJP has described former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi as a fuse tubelight. In the poster, ‘Congress Presents’ is written in the upper corner, while ‘Made in China’ is also written after it. At the end, BJP has once again started the phase of rhetoric by writing ‘Rahul Gandhi in and as Tubelight’ in big letters.

Poster made about Rahul Gandhi

The poster has been edited and designed according to the poster of Salman Khan’s film Tubelight. In this, Rahul Gandhi’s picture has been placed in place of Salman Khan. Along with this, BJP has said in the poster that ‘Congress Presents, Made in China, Rahul Gandhi in End Age Tubelight.’ Even before this, such cases have been seen between BJP and Congress. Recently Rahul Gandhi was in the news for one of his statements. The Election Commission even sent him a notice. Even before this, Rahul Gandhi has lost his Parliament membership due to his rhetoric and once again Rahul Gandhi is in danger. Despite this, the phase of rhetoric among the leaders is not ending.

Rahul surrounded by Panauti statement

Let us tell you that recently Congress leader Rahul Gandhi seems to be in trouble after giving a controversial statement on Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The Election Commission has issued a notice regarding two statements of the Congress leader. The Commission has given time till November 25 to the Congress leader. By this deadline, Rahul Gandhi has to give his reply to the Election Commission. This includes his statement of bribery and pickpocketing to the PM. In fact, during the Rajasthan Assembly election campaign, Rahul Gandhi had targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi, calling him a panauti and even compared him to a pickpocket.

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