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‘Along with extremely backward people, SP is also extremely anti-Dalit’ – Mayawati angry at Akhilesh

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Mayawati’s attack on Akhilesh.

India, the alliance of opposition parties for the Lok Sabha elections 2024, is trying its best to bring Bahujan Samaj Party President Mayawati along. However, till now no hint has been given by Mayawati about joining the alliance. Meanwhile, Mayawati has shared a tough target on Samajwadi Party and Akhilesh Yadav. Mayawati has termed SP as extremely backward as well as a fiercely anti-Dalit party. Let us know what BSP supremo Mayawati has said.

SP is on anti-Dalit casteist agenda

BSP chief Mayawati has said that SP is not only a very backward party but also a very anti-Dalit party. Recalling the SP-BSP alliance, Mayawati said that BSP, by allying with SP in the last Lok Sabha general elections, tried to change its anti-Dalit tactics, character and face. But after the elections were over, SP again came back to its anti-Dalit casteist agenda.

Attack on the matter of alliance also

Mayawati has said that whoever the SP chief talks about alliance with, his first condition is to maintain distance from BSP, which is also widely publicized by the media. Anyway, in view of SP’s heinous acts including those of June 2, 1995, and the manner in which many anti-Dalit decisions have been taken during their government. In which there is also the act of building a high bridge near the BSP UP state office from where the conspiratorial anarchist elements can cause harm to the party office, employees and the national chief, due to which the party has to remove the statues of great men from there and shift them to the residence of the party chief. Fell.

Meetings are not being held in the party office

Mayawati has said that in view of the insecurity, on security suggestion, the party chief is now forced to hold most of the party meetings at his residence, whereas in the big meetings held at the party office, when the party chief reaches there, security personnel are deployed there on the bridge. Additional deployment has to be made. He said that in such a situation, BSP also makes a special request to the UP government to make arrangements at a safe place somewhere else instead of the current party state office, otherwise any untoward incident can happen here at any time. Besides, the party also demands that the government should deal strictly with anti-Dalit elements.

Advice to Akhilesh to look into the garden

Yesterday too, Mayawati had given advice to Akhilesh and said that the SP chief, forced by his and his government’s anti-Dalit habits, policies and working style etc., should look into his own inner self before taking an unruly jibe at BSP. It should be known how tainted is his name in terms of promoting BJP and associating with them. Mayawati further said that who can forget the blessings given by the then SP chief to BJP before and after winning the parliamentary elections. And then how can the public forget the meeting of the SP leadership with their leadership when the BJP government is formed. In such a situation, it would be appropriate if SP fights communal forces.

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