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Ammonia gas leak creates panic in Ennore, Tamil Nadu

Image Source : ANI
ammonia gas leak

Ammonia gas leak:There is news of ammonia gas leak in Ennore, Tamil Nadu. This gas leak occurred in the sub-sea pipe of Ennore. As soon as ammonia gas leaked, a strong smell spread throughout the area and people were in panic. This gas leak was brought under control soon after. The gas leak was stopped by repairing the place from where the gas was leaking. Meanwhile, five people who were exposed to ammonia gas felt uneasy, after which they were admitted to the health center where they are now fine.

Avadi Joint Commissioner Vijayakumar said that there is no need to panic. The situation is stable. There is no gas leakage in Ennore now. People who came out of their homes in panic have also returned home. Medical team and police are present in the area.

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