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Another accused comes forward in Parliament security lapse case, used to mind wash youth

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Mahesh Kumawat

New Delhi: There was a stir in the country on Wednesday afternoon when two youths jumped down from the audience gallery in the Lok Sabha. Here he started spraying color. Along with this, at the same time two people also started creating ruckus outside the house. Now this case is being investigated by the Special Cell of Delhi Police. Many big revelations have been made in the investigation. The police have so far arrested five accused and are now preparing to arrest one more.

Mahesh Kumawat is close to Lalit Jha

Police investigation has revealed that Lalit Jha, the mastermind of this entire scandal, was helped by another person. He is none other than Mahesh Kumawat. He was tricking the youth through his Instagram account and washing their minds. Police officers are now busy decoding his account. According to the information, Mahesh used to brainwash the youth through anti-government videos using pictures of revolutionaries.

Police is taking him into custody and interrogating him.

Apart from this, when Lalit had absconded after committing this incident, Mahesh had also helped him. During interrogation, the police found out that he was not only providing logistics to the accused in this entire incident but was also an important role in this group and conspiracy. Now the police is interrogating him by taking him into custody and it is believed that the Special Cell may arrest him also.

Special cell will also record statement of BJP MP

In this case, the Special Cell will also interrogate Bharatiya Janata Party MP Pratap Simha. According to the information, the Special Cell may record the statement of the MP at his house next week. Pratap is currently out of Delhi. Let us tell you that with the reference of Pratap Simha, MP from Mysore, Karnataka, the accused Sagar Sharma and Manoranjan had reached the Lok Sabha and jumped from the audience gallery to the MPs’ sitting area below.

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