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Asaram did not get relief from Supreme Court, petition for remission of sentence rejected – India TV Hindi

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Asaram Bapu

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has refused to consider the petition of self-styled Baba Asaram, who is serving a sentence in a rape case. According to the information, Asaram had requested the Supreme Court to suspend the sentence on health grounds. But the Supreme Court refused to consider the petition. While Asaram is in police custody, he has been asked to approach the Rajasthan High Court for treatment in a hospital in Maharashtra.

Apply in Rajasthan High Court

Asaram had sought relief from the Supreme Court citing poor health. The Supreme Court said that the Rajasthan High Court should expeditiously hear Asaram’s petition against the life imprisonment awarded to him by the lower court. The Supreme Court also said that they should apply to the Rajasthan High Court for relief regarding treatment.

Asaram suffering from many serious diseases

Earlier in September 2023 also, the Supreme Court had refused to grant bail to Asaram. Asaram’s lawyers had filed an application in the Supreme Court after his bail application was rejected by the Rajasthan High Court. Rajasthan High Court had refused to grant bail to Asaram in the year 2022. Asaram is about 81 years old and is suffering from many serious diseases.

Life imprisonment in rape case

Asaram is currently serving a life sentence in Jodhpur jail in another case of raping a minor girl at his ashram in Rajasthan in 2013. A Gandhinagar court has sentenced Asaram for raping a Surat-based disciple multiple times between 2001 and 2007 in his ashram in Motera near Ahmedabad.

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