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Ashwani Chopra’s book ‘Rome Rome Mein Ram’ released – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Release of Ashwani Chopra’s book ‘Rome Rome Mein Ram’, India TV Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma also attended the ceremony.

New Delhi : On the fourth death anniversary of Ashwani Chopra alias Minna ji, editor of Punjab Kesari, his book “Rom Rom Mein Ram” was released. On this occasion, chief guest Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, India TV Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma, VHP leader Alok Kumar, former Union Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan and many other dignitaries were present. On this occasion, Rajat Sharma said that people like Ashwani Chopra stay alive through their writing. On this occasion, Kiran Chopra, wife of Ashwani Minna ji, distributed checks as loans to poor people under the Chaupal programme. This was the 133rd check distribution ceremony of the Chaupal program in which loans have been distributed to about forty thousand poor people so far.

We are moving forward on the path shown by Minna ji – Kiran Chopra

On this occasion, Kiran Chopra said that today is such a difficult day, it has been four years since Ashwini ji passed away. Miss him every moment, every second. He said that in 2010, he started the series ‘Rom Rom Mein Ram’, today the dream of Ram temple is being fulfilled. On this occasion, we are providing financial help to 250 women. We are moving forward on the path shown by Minna ji. We are moving forward with our Chaupal team. Chaupal’s resolution is to empower women.

People like Ashwini Minna do not die, they remain alive through writing – Rajat Sharma

On this occasion, Rajat Sharma, Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India TV, remembering Ashwini Chopra, said – ‘For me, Ashwini was a true friend, with whom I used to laugh openly. There was a pleasant atmosphere wherever Ashwani used to sit. Whenever we went out, Minna’s mischief would start on the plane itself. We went to New York when Atal ji was the Prime Minister. Took to the Twin Tower and said that we cannot build such a building. Ashwani Minna told me that we should earn enough money to buy both the towers. When the Twin Towers fell, Ashwini called me and said that the Twin Towers had fallen. Rajat Sharma said that people like Ashwani Minna do not die, they remain alive through their writing. My sister Kiran is handling Ashwini’s legacy very smoothly.

Ashwani ji’s writing was sharp – Rajnath Singh

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that as told by Rajat ji, I also say that Ashwani was a human being with a warm heart. The release of Ashwani ji’s book ‘Rom Rom Mein Ram’ at this time is important in itself, the whole country has become Ram-may. Yes, the consecration is going to happen in Ram temple in Ayodhya after four days. If Ashwani ji were alive today, he would definitely have gone to Ayodhya for his life’s sacrifice. The sharpness that was in the writing of Ashwani ji is also there in the writing of her son Aditya Chopra. On the death anniversary of Ashwani ji, Kiran Chopra ji is distributing loans to poor women. Institutions like Chaupal are very important for developed India, till now Chaupal has helped forty thousand people, has given them loans, and its return is about 98 percent, this is a big thing. The fourth generation of Punjab Kesari is doing excellent work.

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