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Ayodhya: The child-like idol of Ram Lala made of Krishna stone will sit in the Ram temple! know

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Statue of Ram Lala in Ayodhya Ram temple

A grand Ram temple is ready in Ayodhya and now the time is nearing when Lord Ram will visit the temple. But the biggest question in the minds of people today is which idol of Ramlala will be present in the temple? Black or white? On Friday, a meeting of the temple committee was held regarding the selection of the idol for the consecration of Ram Lala. Special Acharya and experts associated with Ram temple have explained the entire process of selection. While Satyanarayan Pandey of Rajasthan has made a white colored idol of Ram Lalla, Arun Yogiraj of Mysore and G L Bhatt of Bengaluru have made a black colored idol.

Out of the three rocks on which the child-like idol of Lord Shri Ram has been made, the final seal of approval can be given to the idol made by the hands of Mysuru craftsman Arun Yogiraj on Krishna Shila. According to sources, after much brainstorming, the Trust has finalized the childhood idol of Lord Shri Ram carved on Shyam Shila.

what will the statue be like

Based on conversations with those who worked with sculptor Arun Yogiraj – This idol of Lord Shri Ram is a childhood idol in a standing form but with a bow and arrow in his hand, this idol has been made with Prabhavali. Arun and the rest of the craftsmen were instructed by the Trust that the idol should be of childhood but the common imagination of the people about Lord Shri Ram should be clearly visible in it. Arun Yogiraj has kept South Indian sculpture as the base in the original concept of this statue but the essence of North Indian style has also been included in the statue. A different art and a different style will be visible in every centimeter of the statue.

Where did this Krishna Shila come from?

This Krishna stone was selected from Karkala in Karnataka, this stone was selected in the month of February-March this year. Eedu is a small village in Nelliker town of Karakala taluka of Uttara Kannada district, Shyam Shila was selected from this village. This rock weighs 10 tons, is 6 feet wide and 4 feet thick. This stone was sent to Ayodhya after formal worship.

How was the stone selected?

If sources are to be believed, on the request of the Trust, renowned architect Kushdeep Bansal first inspected this rock, after getting his approval, a team of experts from the National Rock Institute first examined the chemical composition of this rock.

Nelliker stone is the first choice of sculptors

Rock experts found this rock suitable for any weather and environment, this stone is also the first choice of craftsmen, because its chemical composition is quite specific. This rock is neither very hard nor soft. Hardness of the stone affects the expressions of the idol and if it becomes soft, there is a risk of the stone breaking during the carving of the idol. The specialty of Krishna Shila of Karkala is that it is hard and at the same time its carving is also easy. Besides, its chemical structure is such that it does not get spoiled under the influence of weather and climate for a long time. This is the reason why Nelliker stone is the first choice of sculptors for making the original idol in many temples in South India.

After examining this rock, the experts of the National Rock Institute gave initial approval and then a famous craftsman was also asked for his opinion. After getting the green signal from them, this Krishna rock was selected and when this rock reached Ayodhya, the famous craftsman of Mysuru, Arun Yogiraj, was given the responsibility of making the idol of Lord Shri Ram from this rock.

Mythological significance behind the selection of this stone

Although a total of three stones got final clearance for the construction of the original idol of Ramlala, there is a mythological reason behind why the Trust voted only for the idol carved on the rock of Karkala. Karkala place is about 60 kilometers away from the mythological and spiritual city Sringeri situated on the banks of river Tunga. Shringeri is also mentioned in Treta Yuga. This city is named after the sage Shringa. It is mentioned in Ramayana. It is said that Rishi Shringa himself became sonless.

Maharaj Dasharatha had performed the Kameshthi Yagya for his son, after which Lord Shri Ram, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan were born in the house of Maharaj Dasharatha. According to the sources, the members of the Trust were unanimous in their opinion that the childhood idol of Lord Shri Ram should be selected from the rock selected from the penance land of the sage Shringa whose penance led to the birth of Lord Shri Ram in Treta Yuga.

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