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Bad words of Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi – Siddaramaiah has Ram in his name and his work..

Image Source : ANI
Controversial statement of Mahant Raju Das of Hanumangarhi

Mahant Raju Das, the priest of Hanumangarhi temple of Ayodhya, has once again given a controversial statement. This time he has taken a dig at Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah over his name and compared him to Kalanemi. Mahant Raju Das said in a conversation with news agency ANI, ‘Siddaramaiah has Ram only in his name, but his works are timeless.’ Mahant Raju Das further said, “The Chief Minister has a timeless form. CT Ravi has not said anything wrong about the one who loves Babar, Babri, who is concerned and thinking about the invaders, who plays with the faith of the majority of India.

Siddaramaiah’s mentality has been of politics. These people hurt the sentiments of Hindus as much as they can. Let us tell you that Kalanemi is a demon. This statement of Mahant Raju Das comes after the statement of BJP leader CT Ravi, in which he targeted Congress and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah.

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Mahant Raju Das, priest of the Hanumangarhi temple, said, “…Siddaramaiah is such a good name, which is associated with Lord Rama, but his actions are like that of Kalnemi (a demon)…His concern is about Babar, the raiders and the army.” Is in.” The way they are playing with the sentiments of the majority population – what CT Ravi said is not wrong…”

CT Ravi’s statement

On the statement of Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah, BJP leader CT Ravi said, “His party has said that they will not go (to the funeral), they have boycotted… They cannot spare Babar and cannot catch Ram.” … It will be easy. If they leave Babar, they will catch Ram… If they leave Babar, they will not get bulk votes… Ram belongs to everyone. Consecration should be celebrated like a festival…”

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