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Bengaluru Blast: This is how a software engineer’s life was saved by a phone call from his mother while sitting in Patna – India TV Hindi

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Kumar Anlakrit’s life was saved due to his mother’s phone call.

A 24-year-old software engineer’s life was saved by a phone call from his mother during the blast at Rameshwaram Cafe in Bengaluru. 10 people including employees and some customers have been injured in this incident. Recalling the incident, Kumar Alankrit, a native of Patna, Bihar, said that he picked up his dosa from the counter and decided to sit at his usual place (where the blast took place a few minutes later).

Alankrit narrated the whole story

Alankrit told that at that very moment he got a call from his mother and he went to a quiet place to talk, which was just 10 meters away from the blast site. Alankrit told how his mother’s call saved his life. He said, “I picked up my dosa from the counter and was about to sit at my regular place inside the café. Whenever I go to the café, I used to sit at the same place (where the blast later took place). That was my favorite place. This time too I was planning to sit there, but then I got a call from my mother so I went to a quiet place a few meters away outside the café so that I could talk to her.

Told what I saw with my own eyes

Describing it as a routine phone call, he said, “She (my mother) was asking where I was and suddenly, I heard a loud noise. I was outside. It was a huge explosion. Everyone was scared and went outside. Was running towards. There was smoke everywhere and foul smell started coming.” He said, “It all happened suddenly. After the huge explosion, people were running here and there. I didn’t know what was happening. It was horrifying and shocking. But thankfully, that phone call from my mother saved me.” took.”

The first video of the blast was shared

Kumar was one of the first to share the video of the cafe blast on ‘X’. In his post he wrote, “At 1 pm, I was having lunch at Rameshwaram Cafe Brookfield and there was a huge explosion inside the cafe. I was a few meters away from the explosion. I am safe. Many people are seriously injured. May God give him a speedy recovery.” (Language)

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