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Big revelation made in police investigation, Bhagat Singh fan page was created to mislead the youth.

Image Source : INDIA TV
Bhagat Singh fan page was created to mislead the youth

New Delhi: New revelations are being made every day in the security lapse case in Parliament. Delhi Police arrested all five accused in this case. They are being interrogated by taking them on remand. Meanwhile, during the investigation, the Special Cell came to know that the accused had met each other through the Bhagat Singh fan page created on Instagram.

During investigation, it was revealed that this page was created with the handle named patriot88. Along with this, an appeal was also made to connect the youth of the country in this page. A post on the page states that those people are not associated with BJP and Congress. He wants to make a revolution and for that the youth should join him. Police have said that till now these people have brainwashed many youth and have included them with them.

Introduced each other in chatbox

In the chat box of this page you can see Lalit introduced himself that I am from West Bengal. Later Mahesh joined and introduced himself, I am from Rajasthan. After this, the person running the page, Patriot-88, writes, “Come on WhatsApp” and also shares his number there. Who is this Patriot-88 though? This information has not been revealed yet. But it is becoming clear that all these accused had come in contact with each other. Now people associated with this page may also be questioned soon.

conversation in chatbox

Image Source : INDIA TV

conversation in chatbox

During the interrogation of the Special Cell, Lalit revealed himself to be the mastermind of this scandal. Lalit confessed to the police that a bigger message than this would spread across the country through the media, hence he broke into the Parliament. Apart from this, during the investigation it has come to light that before carrying out the incident, the accused collected a lot of information from Google and learned from there.

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