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Big thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar is harassing actress Jacqueline, filed application in court

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Sukesh Chandrashekar and Jacqueline

New Delhi : The master thug Sukesh Chandrashekhar, who committed the fraud of Rs 500 crore from Delhi jail, is now threatening Bollywood actress Jacqueline. India TV has evidence of his threatening messages. Troubled by Sukesh’s threats, Jacqueline has now taken refuge in the court. Jacqueline has complained to Delhi Police in this regard and has also filed an application in the court that Sukesh is threatening and harassing her.

Asked to come to court wearing black suit

Sukesh’s threatening WhatsApp chats have been caught by India TV. In a WhatsApp chat sent on June 30, Sukesh had messaged Jacqueline asking her to come wearing a black court suit. Sukesh wrote. ‘Baby, we have a court date on 6th of this month and if you are produced through video conferencing then you should wear a black suit so that I know that you have seen my message. And you love me very much. Baby I miss you so much, you are always mine.

you’re my princess, rock star

In a message sent on June 30 itself, Sukesh asked Jacqueline not to be troubled by trolls. In the message sent to Jacqueline, Sukesh said – ‘Baby, I know you are upset with the trolls for adding extra E in your name, but don’t be upset, if these people are all rubbish, you are my princess, you are a rock star. yes. You are going to be a superstar.

Mention of the deal to get the film

Sukesh also mentioned in the message the deal to get the film to Jacqueline. Sukesh wrote in the message – ‘You know that in the next few weeks Lavrajan will approach you for a film, I have made a deal with him, this is going to be a big deal for you baby. And this is a gift from my baby girl with Lily’s Eye. Sent you a message card. Hope you have seen it and liked it.

Recently, on December 22, Jacqueline filed an application in the Patiala House Court citing several media reports that Sukesh is harassing her by writing letters and messaging her from jail in her name. Jacqueline also wrote a letter to the jail authority in this regard but no action was taken by the jail, hence the court should give direction to the jail. The court has sought a reply from the jail authority. Now the next hearing in this case will be on January 17. On the other hand, after Jacqueline reached the court in this matter, Sukesh has also filed an application in the court through his lawyer against this petition of Jacqueline.

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