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Bihar: Before the floor test, Congress is haunted by the fear of MLAs breaking up – India TV Hindi

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New Delhi: February 12 is going to be a very special day for the politics and government of Bihar. Floor test of Nitish Kumar’s NDA government is to be held in the Assembly on this day. If Nitish government fails to prove majority on this day, there will be an earthquake once again. However, it is believed that the government will get majority. Nitish government has 6 MLAs more than the majority, but after Tejashwi Yadav’s statement ‘The game is yet to be played’, many speculations are being made.

Congress high command fears disintegration of MLAs

Meanwhile, the Congress high command fears the disintegration of its MLAs. In this regard, a meeting of Congress MLAs of the state was held in Delhi on Saturday. 17 out of 19 MLAs attended this meeting. Of the two absent MLAs, one MLA’s son is ill and the other one himself is said to be ill. The Congress high command fears that the MLAs may break the party and form separate factions, hence a plan is being made to send them on a tour.

There are many MLAs in Delhi

According to sources, like the MLAs of Jharkhand, Congress MLAs from Bihar can also be sent to any Congress ruled state. According to sources, two MLCs of the party are also stuck in Delhi. At present, most of the MLAs are staying in Bihar residence in Delhi. Both the Deputy Chief Ministers of the state, Samrat Chaudhary and Vijay Sinha have also come to Delhi. Both the leaders will meet the leaders of the party high command.

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