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‘Bone should not be put in Havan’, Shah lashed out at Congress during discussion on Ram Temple – India TV Hindi

Home Minister Amit Shah during the discussion on Ram Temple in Parliament.

New Delhi: On the last day of the budget session of Parliament, while discussing the construction and consecration of the historical Ram temple, Union Home Minister Amit Shah strongly attacked the Congress. Amit Shah said that those who imagine India without Ram do not know India. The Home Minister said, ‘January 22 has become a historical day for thousands of years, those who do not recognize history and historical moments, lose their existence and existence. The country cannot be imagined without Ram and Ramcharitmanas. Those who want to know, live and recognize the country cannot live without Ram and Ramcharitmanas.

‘There is a saying in our Gujarat that…’

During this, Amit Shah targeted Congress for raising questions on the Supreme Court’s decision on Ram Temple. He said, ‘The Supreme Court’s decision today has highlighted the secular character of the entire world. After the decision of the Supreme Court, a grand Ram temple has been built in Ayodhya today. Taking on Congress, Amit Shah said that there is a saying in our Gujarat that bones should not be thrown in Havan. He said, ‘Those who imagine India without Ram, do not know India. b Represents our era of slavery, Ram symbolizes how an ideal life should be lived for crores of people, hence he has been called Maryada Purushottam.

‘Many countries have accepted Ramayana’

Shah further said, ‘Ram’s kingdom is not for any particular religion or community, Ram’s kingdom is a symbol of what an ideal state should be like, not only for India but for the entire country. Many countries have also accepted Ramayana and replaced it as an ideal scripture. In foreign countries, Ramayana has been translated into all the languages ​​of Nepal, Indonesia, Cambodia and Tibet and inspiration is also taken from it. Today, I want to present my feelings and the voice of the people of the country in front of this House, which was buried in the court papers for years. After Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister, it got voice and expression also. (IANS)

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