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Buried bodies disappearing from a cremation ground in Bokaro – India TV Hindi

6 dead bodies missing from cremation ground

Bokaro: A very shocking news has come to light in Bokaro district of Jharkhand. Information has been received that Sijuwa Panchayat is under Bokaro Jharia OP police station. There is a cremation ground here on the Jamunia river. Six bodies have gone missing from the graves of this cremation ground. This news spread like wildfire in the area and now there is an atmosphere of fear in the entire area. Let us tell you that the bank of Jamunia river of Shijuwa Panchayat area is used as a cremation ground by a large population of Bokaro Jharia OP and Dugda police station area. The work of burning and burying dead bodies is done on the banks of Jamuniya River in Shijuwa Panchayat area.

Police inspected the cremation ground

This matter came to light when the Panchayat head husband and other people of the village had gone to bury a dead body. Here these people saw that 6 bodies had been dug out from the graves buried earlier and the bodies were missing. Seeing this, the police was immediately informed. After this, the local police station and zonal officer reached the spot and inspected the cremation ground and found that bodies were missing from some pits. However, in this case, local police station in-charge Niwas Singh, citing the police manual, refused to say anything in front of the camera. Police are investigating further in this matter.

Names of some missing dead bodies surfaced

When the entire case was identified, the names of the missing dead bodies also came to light. Confirming some buried graves, it was said that the bodies of three people, Anu Kumari, Lala Bhuiya and Mahapatiya Devi, residents of Bokaro Jharia of Sijuwa Panchayat, were buried by the Panchayat representative and local people. He is also missing. While this incident has created a sensation in the entire area, on the other hand the administration is silent.

(Report- Brijbhushan Dwivedi)

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