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Clash between Governor and Government in Kerala, Arif Mohammed made serious allegations against CM Vijayan

Image Source : PTI
Arif Mohammed Khan, Governor, Kerala

Malappuram (Kerala): There is a tussle in Kerala between Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and the state government. Governor Arif Mohammad Khan on Monday toughened his stance against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and the ruling CPI(M) student wing, terming them as ‘bullys’. Arif Mohammad said that he is not afraid of them.

‘What would a bully say?’

A day earlier, CM Vijayan had accused the Governor of trying to ‘disturbe’ the peace of the state by making inflammatory statements. When asked by reporters about this, the Governor referred to the Chief Minister as a ‘bully’. Arikh Mohammad Khan told reporters, “Do you know his (Vijayan’s) history? How many murder cases is he involved in? What would a bully say? How am I provoking? If I nominate people from the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) to the (university) senate, is it okay?” He also termed Students Federation of India (SFI) workers as ‘bullies’.

‘If you want to harm me then come here’

Arif Mohammad Khan said, “If they want to harm me, they are most welcome.” I’m saying, come here, if you want to harm me then come here. Why don’t you come? They are just bullies. They are not students. All the students are associated with SFI. No student demonstrated, it was only SFI. Why? Because after the Supreme Court decision they realized that they cannot control and operate the universities.

‘Vijayan was misusing his powers’

Citing examples of alleged ‘misuse’ of powers by the state’s ruling party in universities, Khan claimed that six carpenters were appointed in Calicut University when there was a vacancy for only one post. He claimed that the people appointed to the six posts are CPI(M) workers. “They were misusing powers,” Khan said. Now they cannot do this because the Supreme Court has made the position very clear that they have no role to play. This is what has troubled him.”

‘Kerala Police is the best force in the country’

Khan made this comment in view of the recent decision of the Supreme Court according to which Vice Chancellors of universities cannot take instructions from the political executive. Speaking to the media outside the university guest house, Khan termed Kerala Police as the finest and best force in the country and said the force cannot be blamed as it is not being allowed to perform its duties. Khan said he has written a letter to the state police chief saying he does not want any police protection. He said he is ‘living on borrowed time’ as he is over 70 and has already surpassed the national average of life expectancy. (input language)

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