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CM Vijayan sent goons to hurt me – Governor Arif Mohammad Khan

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Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan

The fight between Governor Arif Mohammad Khan and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan in Kerala is old. Both have publicly attacked each other several times. They continue to verbally attack each other. But on Monday, this war reached a different point when the Governor made a big allegation against the CM. The Governor on Monday night alleged that Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s party workers attacked his vehicle and tried to harm him.

‘CM is plotting to cause physical harm to me’

On Monday, Governor Arif Mohammed Khan, losing his cool, said, “The Chief Minister is hatching this conspiracy to physically harm me, as he did in Kannur. SFI workers are planning to physically harm me on the instructions of the CM.” Came for.” “When the Chief Minister is part of this conspiracy, what can this police do,” Khan said. He said he would not allow criminals to rule the street.

‘Is this the security cover I have been given?’

During this, the security officials were surprised to see Governor Khan stopping his vehicle and coming out of the car to challenge the protesters. After this, losing his temper, he asked the police officers, “Is this the security cover given to me?” One police officer had to work hard to calm Khan down, while others chased away the SFI workers who had come close to the Governor’s convoy.

‘CM has given free rein to his workers’

After this, Khan once again expressed his anger on Vijayan and was heard saying that it seems that the CM has given a free hand to the SFI workers to assault him. He asked, “Will anyone be allowed to approach the CM’s vehicle?”

Congress and BJP also attacked the government

On this entire episode, State Congress President K. Sudhakaran called it a dark day in the history of the state, while his BJP counterpart K. Surendran alleged that the police officers reduced the speed of the security vehicles so that the protesters could come and attack the Governor’s vehicle. Can hit. “The law and order situation in the state has completely broken down and we will not remain a mute spectator to such hooliganism,” he said.

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