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Congress held a rally in support of Palestine in Kerala, also invited Indian Union Muslim League

Image Source : INDIA TV
Congress held a rally in support of Palestine in Kerala.

Kozhikode: In Kozhikode, Kerala, the state unit of Congress organized a public meeting in support of Palestine. This rally was inaugurated by Congress National General Secretary KC Venugopal. The Indian Union Muslim League, which is part of the Congress alliance in Kerala, was also specially invited to this rally. Let us tell you that Muslim population is more in the northern part of Kerala (Malabar region). Muslim League has dominance in this entire division. Last month, Muslim League had also organized a rally in support of Hamas and Palestine in Kozhikode, in which the crowd gathered broke all records. Although today’s Congress meeting was to raise voice in support of Palestine, there was not a single leader present on the stage who did not curse PM Narendra Modi in the name of Palestine. All the leaders said that till now India has been supporting Palestine, but by supporting Israel, PM Modi humiliated India in front of the world.

What happened in Gujarat is now happening in Gaza

The rally started with Congress state unit president K Sudhakaran cursing PM Modi. He directly compared what is happening in Gaza today with the Gujarat riots. He said that till now India had supported Palestine, but after the arrival of Narendra Modi, that stand was changed. Narendra Modi is communal, you know what happened in Gujarat, whatever happened in Gujarat then is happening in Gaza today. These fanatics had looted the shops of Muslim community people in Gujarat, killed innocent children in front of their mothers, and raped wives in front of their husbands. The discussion about this, which started from the state of Gujarat, has now spread all over the world after Modi came to the center stage. Instead of taking independent decisions, Modi has taken a stand against Palestine at the behest of foreign powers, setting aside secularism. This is unacceptable, we have to fight against it, we have to unite. The protection of the people of Palestine is not only the responsibility of the people there, but is the responsibility of all the secular parties in the world. A secular party like the Indian National Congress has to fulfill this responsibility and we all have to support it.

Indian government under the leadership of Congress is the only solution

After this, Indian Union Muslim League leader PK Kunjhali Kutty said that India Alliance government should be formed, that too under the leadership of Congress, only then the situation of India will change. The only way to free India from today’s situation is to have an Indian National Congress government in the country. The solution to the Palestine problem will come only when an Indian coalition government is formed in India under the leadership of Congress.

Netanyahu and Narendra Modi are same type of people

Further, National General Secretary of Congress KC Venugopal said that before America, Narendra Modi announced his support to Israel. What was the hurry, why is there so much love for Israel, why does Narendra Modi love Israel so much. India also did not support the ceasefire proposal in the UN. This decision of PM Narendra Modi insulted the country. Netanyahu and Narendra Modi both are of the same type. One person in the name of Zionism and the other in the name of religion. Narendra Modi’s foreign policy is nothing more than a PR exercise to help his party win the elections. Netanyahu is doing the same thing there.

What Modi government did cannot be supported

Lastly, Congress leader Shashi Tharoor said that the foreign policy of the Modi government is against the foreign policy of our country which has been running for decades. Whatever this Modi government has done cannot be supported. You know that the General Assembly of the United Nations passed a resolution with majority calling for immediate ceasefire, but Mahatma Gandhi’s India did not vote for restoration of peace and the Modi government distanced itself from this resolution. This cannot be accepted. The Congress party had opposed it even then and is raising its voice against it even now.

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