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Congress is doing ‘dirty’ politics in Andhra Pradesh, why did CM Jagan Reddy get angry? – India TV Hindi

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CM Jagan angry at Congress.

Elections will be held in Andhra Pradesh this year. Even before the elections, Congress has made YS Sharmila, sister of state CM Jagan Reddy, the President of Andhra Pradesh Congress. It is believed that Congress has taken this step with the aim of making a dent in Jagan Reddy’s vote bank. However, amidst all this, CM Jagan Reddy has accused Congress of doing dirty politics in Andhra Pradesh.

Divide and rule is the work of Congress

Actually, Jagan Reddy was answering the question of making sister YS Sharmila the president of Andhra Pradesh Congress in a program. He said that Congress is actually playing dirty. As far as the state’s politics is concerned, it has a tradition of playing dirty. They (Congress) had divided the state for their political gains. Divided the state unjustly. They work to divide and rule, be it the state or the family.

Will God teach a lesson to Congress?

Jagan Reddy has said that Congress always works to divide and rule. Unfortunately, now once again, they have not learned their lesson. That’s why Congress has divided my family and brought my sister in to lead their party. Jagan said that God is a great power, who will teach a lesson to his opponents.

Assembly and Lok Sabha elections will be held in 2024

In Andhra Pradesh, both Assembly and Lok Sabha elections can be held simultaneously in 2024. Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party had won overwhelmingly in both the elections held in the year 2019. YSR Congress had won 151 out of 175 assembly seats in the state. At the same time, out of 25 seats in the Lok Sabha, Jagan Mohan Reddy’s party had captured 22 seats. (input language)

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