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Congress leader rebuked the rape victim’s father-in-law, said – a single man cannot commit rape

Image Source : ANI
Former Karnataka MLA and Congress leader Amaregowda Patil

Bengaluru: Former Karnataka MLA and Congress leader Amaregowda Patil has given a controversial statement regarding women. He has said that a single man cannot commit rape, it takes 3-4 people. Amaregowda said this to the rape victim’s father-in-law when he was complaining about the accused over the phone. Later, the recording of the conversation between the two went viral. However, the audio clip has not been confirmed yet.

What is the matter?

On October 16, Amaregowda’s associate Sanganagouda Patil raped a woman in the fields at Tavargera in Koppal district. A police complaint regarding this matter was lodged on October 18. When the woman’s father-in-law complained about this matter to the Congress leader, he threatened the woman with defamation and asked her to remain silent. Apart from this, the Congress leader denied the issue of rape.

What happened in the viral audio?

Rape victim’s father-in-law: I have come to complain about the rape of my daughter-in-law. Your friend Sanganagouda Patil has raped her.

Patil: At least two-three people are needed to rape a woman. No one can rape someone alone, no matter how powerful he is.

Rape victim’s father-in-law: Are we lying? What the daughter-in-law said is not true?

Patil: You prove that a person can rape alone. I don’t want to argue too much. You are defaming your family. Just consider that in a village where there is rape, no one will give a girl there. You will lose the respect of the entire family. Apart from this, Patil also said that clapping cannot be done with one hand.

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