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Cyclonic storm Michong wreaked havoc in Tamil Nadu, Railways canceled many trains.

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Cyclonic storm Michong wreaks havoc in Tamil Nadu

New Delhi: Due to Cyclonic Storm Michong, life has become disrupted in many cities of Tamil Nadu. The storm is gone now but has left its mark. Due to this storm, people’s daily activities have been affected. The storm also took the lives of more than 10 people. Many areas of the state capital Chennai are still submerged. Work is being done on war footing to drain the water.

Traffic has also been affected due to the storm. This includes road, air and rail. Roads are badly damaged at many places. On Monday 4th December, entire parts of the airport were submerged in water, due to which most of the flights had to be cancelled. Vehicles were flowing on the roads. Many of its videos were also going viral on social media. Now the Railways has canceled many trains on Thursday 7th December and has also made changes in many routes. According to the information, Southern Railway has canceled 15 trains today. This includes many trains including Vande Bharat.

Earlier on 4th, 5th and 6th December also, flights of many trains were canceled due to the storm. Due to which passengers are facing problems. To provide relief to the areas and people affected by the storm, the state government has started relief camps at many places. Along with this, today’s holiday has also been announced in many cities including Chennai. Food packets, bread and milk are being supplied to waterlogged areas.

Relief work going on war footing

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin visited many areas affected by rain. Distributed food and essential items to the people living in a relief center in the city. The state government said that relief work is going on war footing. Even during midnight, people were evacuated by boats from many affected areas. Greater Chennai Police has also issued helpline numbers for rescue and relief operations.

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