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Dense fog affects trains and flight services, advisory issued for passengers

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Dense fog affects trains

Dense fog is occurring in many states of the country including Delhi. Even today, many trains of Indian Railways are running late due to low visibility. At the same time, flight service has also been affected. Due to fog, 22 trains coming to Delhi are running late. Passengers were seen waiting for trains this morning at all the railway stations of Delhi. Many flights leaving from Delhi airport are late. Passengers have been advised that train and flight services are delayed due to fog. Before leaving the house, go out only after getting updates from the concerned department.

Many flights were late on Wednesday also

Earlier on Wednesday, at least nine flights were diverted from Delhi airport due to bad weather. Three SpiceJet flights and one Air India flight were diverted to Jaipur between 9 am and 12 noon, an official said. Late in the evening, airline Vistara said that five of its flights landing at Delhi airport were diverted. In a series of posts on ‘X’, the airline said flights to the national capital from Patna, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Guwahati and Chennai were diverted. Three flights were sent to Indore and one flight each to Mumbai and Jaipur.

These trains are running late

  1. 12801 Puri-New Delhi Purushottam Express – 6 hours late
  2. 12451 Kanpur-New Delhi Shramshakti Express-3 hours late
  3. 12553 Vaishali SF Express- 4 hours late
  4. 12427 Rewa-Anand Vihar Terminal SF Express – 6 hours late
  5. 12417 Prayagraj Express- 4 hours late
  6. 12225 Azamgarh-Delhi Junction Kaifiyat Express-9.30 hours late
  7. 12367 Bhagalpur-Anand Vihar Terminal Vikramshila Express-3.30 hours late
  8. 12393 Sampoorna Kranti Express-4 hours late
  9. 12559 Shiv Ganga Express- 3:30 hrs
  10. 12301 Howrah-New Delhi Rajdhani Express-2:30 hours late
  11. 12423 Dibrugarh-New Delhi Rajdhani – 02:30 hours late
  12. 12313 Sealdah – New Delhi Rajdhani Express – 2 hours late
  13. 12557 Muzaffarpur-Anand Vihar Terminal Sapt Kranti SF Express- 02:30 hours late
  14. 12415 Indore-New Delhi Intercity SF Express- 02:00 late
  15. 12779 Waco-de-Gam-Hazrat Nizamuddin Express-04:00 Late
  16. 12615 Chennai-New Delhi Grand Trunk Express-5:00 late
  17. 12621 MGR Chennai Central – New Delhi Tamil Nadu Express – 3:03 hours late
  18. 12723 Hyderabad-New Delhi Telangana-4:00 hours late
  19. 12155 Habib Ganj-New Delhi Bhopal Express-2:00 hours late
  20. 11841 Geeta Jayanti Express – 5:00 hrs late
  21. 12426 Jammu Tawi – New Delhi Rajdhani Express-2:30 hours late
  22. 12904 Golden Temple Mail-3:00 hours late

25 trains were affected

Dense fog is affecting rail, road and air traffic in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and North Rajasthan today. Due to fog on Wednesday, about 25 trains arriving at Delhi railway stations were running late.

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