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Exclusive: Exclusive interview of Bageshwar Dham Government Dhirendra Krishna Shastri

Image Source : INDIA TV
Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, popularly known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

New Delhi: Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, popularly known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, has had a special conversation with India TV. During his interview, he answered many questions regarding Ram Temple. He said, ‘January 22 is historic for Ram devotees. The lifelong dream of Ram devotees has come true. There is celebration in the world due to the presence of Ramji. The temple is a tribute to everyone and a tribute to the sacrifice of the saints. Prime Minister Modi has an important contribution in this.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri said, ‘Everyone is eager to have darshan of Ramlala. There will be an actual darshan of Ram ji’s childhood. Ramji’s work is being completed with the construction of the temple. Ram ji’s principle is to make everyone win. The personality of Lord Ram is an ideal dignity.

He said, ‘Everyone is equal in the eyes of Ram ji. There is no one as dignified and brave as Ram ji. No one is unhappy in Ramrajya, everyone is happy. If the world wants peace then consider Ram as an ideal. Ramcharitmanas should be made a national text.

He said, ‘Those commenting on Ramcharitmanas are ignorant. Ravana’s family members raise questions on Ram. Questions are raised on Ram for running politics. Ramcharitmanas teaches to join, not to break. Opponents need to change their perspective.

Speaking of Church-Mosque reminds me of my opponent’s grandmother: Dhirendra

Dhirendra said, ‘People will find peace by visiting Ram temple. Lakhs of people will get employment from Ram temple. Auto-hotel owners will get employment. Tourists will come to Ayodhya from India and abroad.

People living in Ayodhya will benefit.

He said, ‘When talking about church-mosque, the opponent’s grandmother comes to mind. We will tell the horoscope to the great grandfathers of our opponents. Manuvad is a deliberate use of sponsored political words. Manuvad is not a dispute, it is a matter of humanity. Manusmriti is not against any caste or religion.

He said, ‘Manuvad was made a backward-forward fight. The politics of pure casteism is based on Manuism. There is an attempt to rule by creating a new secularism. One needs to wait to get Lord Ram. Shabari’s wait proves…God will come.

He said, ‘Casteism is disturbing the basic ideas of India. Due to casteism, there is a hindrance in India becoming a world leader. Hindu Rashtra vows to eradicate the menace of casteism. Those making statements on Ram temple are fools. There is an attempt to create division in the country by taking the name of the mosque. (Report: Prachi Parashar)

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