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Exclusive: Kailashanand Giri Maharaj had a special conversation with India TV, know what he said

Image Source : INDIA TV
Swami Kailashanand Giri Maharaj spoke on Ram temple

New Delhi: Mahamandaleshwar Kailashanand Giri of Niranjani Akhara has had a special conversation with India TV. During this, he said many things regarding Ram temple. He said, ‘There cannot be a greater moment of celebration than this in Indian culture. Rama is like a parent for all traditions. Today not only India but all the gods and goddesses are happy.

praised PM Modi

Kailashanand Giri praised PM Modi profusely. He said, ‘Please name a worthy person other than PM Modi for your life’s prestige. After Ahilya Bai Holkar, Modi is the savior of Sanatan traditions. The Prime Minister renovated the temples. The rest of the ‘kings’ had the power but did not have the will. The opportunity to consecrate Ramlala’s life came because of the PM. PM Modi got this opportunity because of Ram. God has specially sent the PM for Sanatan cause.

What did you say about Sanatan?

Kailashanand Giri also explained the meaning of Sanatan. He said, ‘Sanatan tradition is very vast. What is not of Ram, is not of the nation, is of no use. Sanatan never divided castes. Anti-religious people talk about dividing religion and nation. Anti-national people talk about dividing religion and nation. People against Ram talk about dividing religion and nation.

‘Ayodhya is being decorated, preparations are going on for Kashi, Mathura is left’

Kailashanand Giri said, ‘Ayodhya is getting decorated. Preparations for Kashi are going on. Mathura is left. Kashi is ours. They also know. Lord Shiva is sitting inside Gyanvapi. Nandishwar is telling, Sanatanis, your worshiper is sitting. They know that they have nothing in Mathura. The cruel kings who came from outside broke the pinnacles of the temples.

Kailashanand said that daughter, bread, braid, Ram, nation and bread have to be protected. Education, initiation and alms have to be protected.

The person who brought Lord Ram into his house is famous: Kailashanand

Kailashanand said that Lord Ram did not have a home, there were distressed times for the nation. The one who gives a home, who gives a nation was homeless. Unrighteous people send parents to orphanage. The person who brings Lord Rama to his house is famous. The Prime Minister has enriched the nation. The neglected Sanatan tradition has been completed. Ram remembered him, a lot of work still remained. How would people want the downfall of someone who wants the welfare of the nation? Ram is directly blessing, the Prime Minister is also a saint. Lord Ram wants to get all the pending tasks done by the Prime Minister. The blessings of all the saints and sages are with the Prime Minister.

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