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Exclusive: Waiting for Shri Ram’s return like Treta Yuga – Alok Kumar

Image Source : INDIA TV
Exclusive interview of VHP President Alok Kumar

New Delhi: Vishwa Hindu Parishad President Alok Kumar said in an exclusive interview to India TV that the whole of Ayodhya is waiting for the return of Shri Ram like in Treta Yuga. He said that 450 saints from across the country will participate in this event. More than 150 people from different sects and sects will participate. There will be people from scheduled society. People of Sikh, Jain and Buddhist religions will also participate in this event. 2500 people who are top men from every sphere of national life of India have also been invited.

On the other hand, why is there such a hurry to consecrate a half-built temple? Alok Kumar said that Ramlala has to be established on the ground floor and the ground floor is ready. From the classical point of view there is no fault in it. The decision was taken after consulting the great scholars of Kashi.

On the question of invitation to the consecration ceremony, Alok Kumar said that we invited everyone. The Prime Minister, all the leaders of the party and the opposition have been called. When the BJP President was called, the presidents of the opposition parties were also called. Our effort is that this is everyone’s program. But if someone sees BJP and RSS in everything then I cannot help them.

On the allegation of hijacking, he said that this program belongs to everyone. The 450 people and 2500 people who are coming are not people of any cadre. This is not a program of any one platform. We will make efforts in future also that everyone should come in this. He said that preparations are being made in Ayodhya like Treta Yuga for the arrival of Shri Ram. The roads have become wide. Railway station and airport look like temples. All the private properties are also looking beautiful with plastering.

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