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Exclusive: Why was the bullet fired in Ayodhya? Governor Kalraj Mishra told the inside story – India TV Hindi

Image Source : INDIA TV
Kalraj Mishra told the inside story of Ram Mandir movement.

New Delhi: Rajasthan Governor Kalraj Mishra had an exclusive conversation with INDIA TV today. During this, he told the entire inside story of the Ram Mandir movement. Kalraj Mishra told how the environment was created for the Ram Mandir movement and how sacrifices were made for the construction of Ram Mandir. Talking to INDIA TV, Kalraj Mishra said that today the whole country is happy, because the whole country feels that Lord Ram is coming back to Ayodhya. On January 22, the consecration of Lord Ram will take place in the same sanctum sanctorum where the Babri structure was.

Saint Mahatmas took the decision to build a temple

Kalraj Mishra said that today it has been 500 years since Babar demolished the temple. After this, from time to time people agitated to build Ram temple, lakhs of people sacrificed for this temple. From the time I was an RSS worker till I joined Bharatiya Jan Sangh, I kept working for it. He said that the opportunity for the movement came when all the saints and mahatmas decided that they would build a temple in place of the sanctum sanctorum of Lord Ram. At that time the saints continuously raised their voice and agitated, but the government did not listen to their demands.

Decision taken for darshan on 30th October

Kalraj Mishra told that when the lock was opened on the orders of the court, Rajiv Gandhi was the Prime Minister at that time. People were hopeful at that time that the temple would be constructed soon, but the government kept delaying and the matter remained there. The foundation stone was also laid at that time, but when the matter did not progress, a plan for the movement had to be made. In this sequence, it was decided that on 30th October we will go and have darshan of Ramlala. At that time there was a government of Samajwadi Party and Mulayam Singh Yadav in the state. The government challenged Ram devotees that no one can kill even a bird from here.

People came to Ayodhya on foot from all over the country

People from every corner of the country had come on foot to the districts surrounding Ayodhya. Here on 30th October, people were protesting with clear intentions, there was no possibility of violence, but unfortunately someone picked up a stone and hit Ashok Singhal ji. When Singhal ji started bleeding from his head, more people came. On this the government opened fire. After this, many people died in it, there is no data on this. Kothari brothers who had gone from Bikaner were murdered. People said that many dead bodies were thrown into Saryu. Due to this environment people became angry. After the firing, the pace of the movement increased even more.

Structure demolished on 6th December

The movement committee decided that on 6th December we will come and do kar seva. Prime Minister Narasimha Rao was also told that Kar Seva will be performed on the land which is reserved in the name of the temple. Then on 6th December, a terrible form of Ram devotees was formed. Based on my knowledge, there was no such plan in which there was talk of reprimanding, but the outrage was such that people went there and decided that they had to do something. Then speeches were going on on one side of the stage, meanwhile around 10 or 11 o’clock people broke the barrier and moved forward. And then people demolished the structure.

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