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Fraudster lost Rs 2.30 crore by saying “150 grams of MDMA and passport have been caught, if you want to escape…” – India TV Hindi

Cyber ​​fraud defrauded businessman of Rs 2.25 crore

A unique case of cyber crime has come to light from Bengaluru city, which is known as the IT capital of the country, which you will be surprised to know. Here, cyber thugs deceived the owner of a software company and defrauded him of Rs 2.25 crore. In fact, a businessman living in CV Raman Nagar, Bengaluru, lodged a complaint with the police on February 16 that he was defrauded of Rs 2.30 crore.

The parcel in your name was intercepted

This person received a call on February 6 at around 8:30 in the morning. The caller said that he was calling from FedEx courier company, a parcel which was in the name of this person, contained 150 grams of MDMA, 4 KG of clothes and 4 passports. And it was being sent to Shanghai illegally, after this parcel was caught, a case has been registered against him in Andheri Narcotics Police Station, Mumbai. At first this 66 year old businessman did not believe what the caller said but when he gave the details including Aadhaar number and phone number, this person panicked.

took advantage of fear

As soon as the caller realized that the businessman was panicking, he immediately asked to transfer the call to Andheri police station and then a person calling himself DCP Balaji Singh started talking to him, however, the owner of the software company bar Bar kept saying that he had not sent any such parcel, but the alleged DCP cited the law and started asking him to come to Mumbai immediately.

Showed police station on skype

When this businessman expressed his inability to come to Mumbai immediately, this DCP named Balaji Singh talked about recording the statement through Skype video call and as soon as the Skype video call started, this businessman saw the set up of a police station. And Balaji Singh and some other people were seen in police uniform, this further frightened the businessman and he started thinking that this was a real police station.

transfer money to rbi

Seeing this man scared, the swindler, who introduced himself as DCP, made his next move. The businessman was told that with the help of his Aadhaar card, a bank account had been opened through which money was laundered, and he was also warned that Given that he has sleeper cells in Bengaluru who are keeping an eye on his every move, if he wants to avoid this case then he should not mention this to anyone including his family members, the businessman said in his police complaint. Told that he was not able to understand anything due to fear.

Meanwhile, the person calling himself DCP, citing an act, said that they will have to deposit all their money in the RBI account and after verification, this money will be transferred back to their account. After this, between February 7 and February 14, this businessman deposited Rs 2 crore 30 lakh in 8 different accounts, after which the Skype calls stopped. Now this businessman had realized that he had become a victim of cyber fraud and the swindlers had defrauded him.

Bengaluru Police appeal

In view of the increasing cases of cyber fraud, Bengaluru Police has also appealed to the public to be alert. Police has appealed that people should not panic in such cases nor should they send any money. First of all, the police should be immediately informed about this matter by going to the local police station so that no one can easily embezzle people’s hard-earned money. It is important to mention here that the task of recovery of money defrauded through cyber fraud is quite challenging for the police. In such cases, money is not recovered in most of the cases.

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