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Home Minister Amit Shah lashed out at Mamata government in Kolkata, said- public will remove TMC

Image Source : BJP/TWITTER
Amit Shah targeted Mamata government

Kolkata: Home Minister Amit Shah has fiercely attacked the Mamata government in Kolkata. He said that Mamata government has betrayed the poor. Mamta has ruined Bengal. The people of Bengal will remove TMC. PM Modi took the country forward on every front.

No change in Bengal: Shah

Shah said, ‘Mamata Didi came to power by removing the communists with the slogans of Sonar Bangla and Maa Mati Manush. But there was no change in Bengal. Even today infiltration, appeasement, political violence and corruption are happening in Bengal. I have come today to call, if BJP government has to be formed here in 2026, then lay its foundation in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections and make Modi ji the Prime Minister of the country.

Mamata could not stop infiltration in Bengal: Shah

Shah said, ‘Communists ruled Bengal for 27 years, Mamata Banerjee’s government was formed in the third term. Both of them together ruined Bengal. In the entire country, election violence is highest in Bengal. Mamata Banerjee has not been able to stop infiltration in Bengal. Voter cards and Aadhar cards are being distributed openly to infiltrators in the state and Mamata Banerjee is sitting silent.

Bengal is echoing with bomb blasts: Shah

Shah said that the Bengal where Rabindra Sangeet was once heard early in the morning, today the same Bengal is echoing with bomb blasts. Poverty is ending in the entire country, but poverty is not decreasing in Bengal. Corruption is at its peak.

Shah said, ‘Modi ji has ended terrorism from the entire country. Modi ji abolished Article 370 for which Bengal’s son Shyama Prasad Mukherjee had sacrificed his life to remove it from Kashmir. Ended leftist extremism. India’s tricolor was sent to the moon through Chandrayaan 3. Formed a new Parliament and took the country’s economy from 11th to 5th.

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