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How was the date of January 15 selected for Army Day? Complete information will be available here

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Every Indian’s chest swells with pride on hearing the name of Indian Army. Our army protects us all by standing at the border 24 hours a day. It is because of the bravery of our army that we are able to sleep peacefully in our homes. No matter how much we praise the bravery of our army, it will be less. Every year on 15 January we celebrate ‘Army Day’. On this day we remember the bravery of our army. Have you ever wondered why January 15 was chosen as Army Day? Today we will tell you the reason behind this.

Why is ‘Army Day’ celebrated only on 15 January?

Every year, 15 January is a day of pride for the Indian Army as well as every Indian because on this day we celebrate ‘Army Day’. Many programs are organized at different places on this day. In these programmes, the bravery of the army, its bravery and sacrifices are remembered. But have you ever wondered why Army Day is celebrated only on 15 January?

Actually, our army was formed when our country was under the British. At that time the senior officers of the army used to be Englishmen only. Our country became independent in the year 1947, but the senior positions were still held by the British. But in the year 1949, the last British commander General Francis Butcher handed over the entire command of the Indian Army to Lieutenant General K. Handed over to M. Cariappa. Let us tell you that 15th January was the date when for the first time the command of the Indian Army came into the hands of an Indian. Since then, ‘Army Day’ is celebrated every year on 15 January.

Where is Army Day being organized this year

The Indian Army is celebrating its 76th Army Day on 15 January 2024. This year, Army Day is being celebrated outside the country’s national capital Delhi in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. This is the second time that Army Day is being organized outside Delhi. Last year in 2023, Army Day was organized at Govindaswamy Parade Ground in Bengaluru.

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