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‘I will go to Ayodhya in honor of my life’, said self-proclaimed Baba of ‘Kailasa’, fugitive Nityanand – India TV Hindi

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Nitnayand, known as Lord of Kailasa

Self-styled godman and fugitive rape accused Nithyananda today claimed that he has been invited for the grand inauguration of Ram temple in Ayodhya tomorrow, adding that he will attend the event. Nityananda, who is known as the “highest priest of Hinduism” in his so-called homeland ‘Kailasa’, wrote on X, “Don’t miss this historic and extraordinary event! Lord Rama formally invited as the main deity of the temple The traditional Pran Pratistha will be done and will come to make the whole world proud!”

Nityananda said- On this day, during the traditional Pran Pratistha, the idol of Lord Rama will be installed as the main deity for the welfare of the world and I have also received an official invitation for this ceremony. He also said that many types of events will be organized in Kailasa during this period. According to Kailasa time, Lord Ram will be worshiped in temples at 9 pm and Akhand Ram chanting will take place at 11 pm.

Nityananda tweeted

“On being formally invited, the Supreme Priest of Hinduism, Lord Sri Nityananda Paramasivam will attend this grand event,” the tweeted post said.

Nityanand is accused of rape

In the year 2010, a disciple of Nithyananda had accused him of rape and then Gujarat Police also said that children are kidnapped and kept in Nithyananda’s ashram. The police also arrested two people in the raid. However, Nithyananda has always rejected all the allegations against him.

Let us tell you that Nityananda claims his country ‘Kailasa’ to be the real Hindu nation and has his own website. He has millions of followers across the world. The distance of this island country located near Ecuador is about 17 thousand kilometers from India.

Although the Kailasa website claims that the citizens of its country are around 2 crore in the world, but Nityananda’s disciple Vijayapriya Nityananda had told in the UN that the population here is 20 lakh. Vijayapriya had claimed that Kailash had embassies in 150 countries.

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