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‘If Nitish Kumar joins NDA, he is welcome’, NCP leader Praful Patel’s big statement – India TV Hindi

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Prafull Patel, NCP MP

Mumbai: Senior NCP leader in Parliament Praful Patel said that if Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar joins NDA, he is welcome, he will be very happy. He has been a member of NDA earlier also, Prime Minister Narendra Modi always has good feelings about him. He also said that the opposition is only engaged in opposing Modi ji, there is no motive to remove Modi ji. In the name given by India to the ban, only dot is dot, it is speed breaker. Praful Patel said that he is happy that it would be better if Nitish ji takes this decision as soon as possible.

The only agenda of the opposition is to remove Modi.

NCP MP Praful Patel further said that he had gone to Patna for the first meeting of India Alliance on the invitation of Nitish ji, but from the discussions taking place there, it seemed that the meeting was only to oppose Modi ji. The only objective was to remove Modi. What do they want to tell the country? No one was interested in how the country would develop, how the country’s problems would be solved, just get the photo clicked, there was no positive agenda in front of the country. No one was interested in this regard. Remove Modi ji, this was the only agenda.

Ram temple was built on the orders of Supreme Court

On the question of Ram temple, Prafull Patel said that Ramji’s temple should be built there, the Supreme Court had given the decision which was accepted by all the community. nothing is wrong. Now it is natural that all this is possible only because Modi ji is there.

No formal meeting on seat sharing

Regarding the alliance in Maharashtra, he said that no formal meeting has been held between Bharatiya Janata Party, Shiv Sena and NCP yet on seat distribution but it will be held in the coming days. In Maharashtra, seats will be distributed by maintaining good coordination between Mahayuti.

Speaking about Maratha reservation, Praful Patel said that Jarage Patil’s movement was to provide justice to the Maratha community, there is no doubt about it. The role of the government was already clear, there were some technical issues, some judicial issues, the question was how to resolve them. The government has resolved that question, which is a very good thing.

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