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Imam had gone to Ramlala’s life consecration, now fatwa issued and threatening calls started coming – India TV Hindi

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Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi involved in the consecration of Ramlala’s life.

New Delhi: Ramlala was consecrated on 22 January. Thousands of people had come to this program. Imam Umer Ahmed Ilyasi had also arrived on behalf of the temple trust. Chief of All India Imam Organization was also among the VVIP guests. The consecration program was completed but after this the Imam started receiving threatening calls.

Fatwa issued against Imam

Along with the threatening calls, a fatwa has now been issued against the Imam. Regarding this, Imam Umer Ahmed says that I had received an invitation from the Trust. I thought about this invitation for two days. After this I decided to go to this program. He said that my effort was to give the message of brotherhood by going to this program. Imam told that he started receiving threatening calls from the evening of 22 January.

I am being threatened to kill – Imam

Talking to the media, he said that I have recorded the calls of those who threatened me. Those people are threatening to kill me. He said that those who love me and my country India will support me. Those who are opposing my participation in this function and are hating me, should go to Pakistan.

‘I gave the message of love and brotherhood by going to this program’

Imam Umer Ahmed said that by going to this program I had given the message of love and brotherhood. I have not committed any crime, so I will neither apologize nor resign from my post. Those issuing threats and fatwas can do whatever they want, but I will not step back from my position.

Many objectionable things have been said in the fatwa issued for the Imam. The fatwa states that the Imam has not followed the rules of Islam by participating in the consecration program of the temple. The Imam has made an effort to please the Hindus by attending this programme. Along with this, the question has been asked in the fatwa that since when has Umer Ahmed become the leader of the Imams and Muslims.

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