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In Jharkhand, parents made a deal with their own daughter, sold the eight month old innocent child – India TV Hindi

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In Jharkhand, parents traded their own daughter

Ranchi: For any parent, their child is their world. He sacrifices the world to raise his child. He teaches them and works day and night for their bright future. The opposite case has come to light in Ramgarh, Jharkhand. Here a couple sold their own daughter.

Girl’s father drives auto

According to the information, Rahul Sahni, who drives an auto in Ramgarh, has lodged a complaint with the police. In this complaint he has said that he supports his family by driving an auto. His leg was broken in a road accident four months ago. Because of this he was not able to drive an auto. About two months ago, his wife had gone to her maternal home in Churchu, Hazaribagh with the child. When she returned from her maternal home on 11th February, her daughter was not with her.

Bought by the accused for not providing good upbringing

When asked about the girl, his wife told that a few days ago Rahul Kumar Ram and his wife Rita Devi had contacted her. Both of them told her that due to his broken leg, your husband is not doing any work and you are not able to raise your daughter properly. The accused couple explained to her that now you give us your daughter and we will take good care of her. When your husband gets well, take the girl back.

The girl’s father lodged a complaint

The girl’s father has said in the complaint that when he contacted Rahul Kumar Ram and Rita Devi to get his daughter back, they refused to return the girl. The couple told that they had sold their daughter for Rs 90 thousand. However, Ramgarh police has registered an FIR and is investigating. An eight-month-old girl of a couple in Ramgarh, Jharkhand has allegedly been sold for Rs 90 thousand. An FIR has been lodged in Ramgarh police station regarding this. Police is investigating the case, but the girl has not been recovered.

Report – IANS

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