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‘Iran’s drone attacked a commercial ship in the Arabian Sea’

Image Source : INDIA TV
Iran’s drone attacked the ship with drone

New Delhi: On Saturday, there was panic in the country’s security agencies and government departments when news of a drone attack on a merchant ship in the Arabian Sea came. This ship was coming from Saudi Arabia to Mangalore, India. It is being told that there was a lot of important goods on this ship and this merchant ship belongs to Israel. Now the US Defense Department has made a big claim on this drone attack.

The ship was attacked by Iran’s drone

According to news agency Reuters, the US Defense Department has said that the ship was attacked by an Iranian drone. Let us tell you that there are a total of 22 people on board this ship, out of which 21 are Indians. As soon as information about this attack was received, the Indian Navy and Coast Guard became alert and the Indian Coast Guard ship ICGS Vikram also headed towards the merchant ship. According to the latest information, the ship has reunited with Vikram and has headed towards Mumbai.

The ship caught fire after the attack

It is noteworthy that this incident had increased the problems amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. Due to this attack, a fire broke out on the ship, but it was extinguished in time and any major damage was prevented. However, no one has yet taken responsibility for this attack. But according to the Pentagon’s claim, Iran is behind this attack. “The strike was carried out by a unilateral strike drone from Iran,” a Pentagon spokesman told Reuters.

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