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Is ISIS spreading its foot in India? NIA raided 19 places and arrested 8

Image Source : ANI
Fear of ISIS.

Central agencies are continuously taking action against ISIS modules across the country. On Monday, the National Investigation Agency/NIA raided 19 locations in four states of the country. During this raid the agency has arrested 8 people. All these people were planning to carry out a terrorist incident like IED blast which was foiled. Complete information in this matter has been shared by NIA.

8 accused arrested

On Monday, raids were conducted by the agency at places like Ballari and Bengaluru in Karnataka, Amravati, Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, Jamshedpur and Bokaro in Jharkhand and Delhi. All the 8 accused arrested by NIA are members of Ballari module of ISIS. All of them were involved in actively promoting terror and terrorism related acts and activities of ISIS.

These are the names of the accused

According to the information, all the accused were working under the leadership of a person named Minaj alias Mohammad Suleman. The names of the arrested accused are Minaj alias Mohammad Suleman, Syed Sameer, Anas Iqbal Shaikh, Mohammad Muniruddin, Syed Samiullah alias Sami, Mohammad Muzammil, Shayan Rehman alias Hussain and Mohammad Shahbaz alias Zulfikar alias Guddu.

Explosive materials also recovered

NIA not only arrested the members of the terrorist organization from the raided places but also seized many other materials. The agency has recovered explosive raw materials like sulphur, potassium nitrate, charcoal, gunpowder, sugar and ethanol, sharp edged weapons, unaccounted cash and incriminating documents as well as smartphones and other digital devices in the raids at the premises of the accused.

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