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Is UCC against Sharia and Islamic orders? CM Dhami gave answers in ‘Aap Ki Adalat’ – India TV Hindi

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CM Dhami also talked about Islamic laws under UCC.

Your Court: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami spoke openly on many topics in India TV’s popular show ‘Aap Ki Adalat’. At the same time, he also faced questions from India TV Editor in Chief Rajat Sharma in AAP’s court. During this, Pushkar Singh Dhami clarified all the ongoing speculations regarding UCC one by one. He also gave information about the new provisions brought regarding UCC. While the opposition is making allegations of harassing the Muslim community through UCC, CM Pushkar Singh Dhami also put an end to these speculations.

There was no tampering with religious beliefs

Uniform Civil Code i.e. UCC is being discussed the most in the Muslim society. It is being said that with the implementation of UCC, the beliefs of Muslim society will be abolished. Adding to this, CM Dhami was asked about the objections raised by Muslim religious leaders whether the UCC law is against Sharia and Islamic orders? Responding to this, CM Dhami said that ‘there has been no tampering in the beliefs which are being followed in the religion. As far as weddings are concerned, no changes have been made in them either. Muslims can perform Nikah, Christians can perform marriage as per their own rules, Hindus can take seven rounds and Sikhs can follow Anand Karaj.

Will get rid of bad habits

CM Dhami said that the UCC law will end the system of divorce and polygamy. We do not want to allow oppression of mother power. Now Shariat will not work in the country. Uniform Civil Code will apply. Those who believe in the Constitution will benefit and will get rid of evils like Halala. He said he met Muslim women in Haridwar who praised the UCC law and told him that they had been freed from a major curse. CM Dhami said, ‘Muslim women told me that their self-esteem, which was falling, has come back.’

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