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Israel issues safety advisory for its citizens living in India

Image Source : PTI
Israel issues safety advisory for its citizens living in India

In the wake of Tuesday’s blast near the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi, the Israeli National Security Council has issued an advisory for its citizens in India. Please note that an explosion took place near the Israeli Embassy in Chanakyapuri Diplomatic Enclave on Tuesday evening. It is fortunate that no one was injured in this blast. At the same time, the council also said that the explosion could possibly be a ‘terrorist attack’.

Gave this advice to citizens

Following this, the Israeli NSC advised Israeli citizens to avoid crowded places (malls and markets) and places where Westerners/Jews and Israelis are identified. They have also been urged to remain cautious in public places (including restaurants, hotels, pubs etc.). The recommendations also include avoiding openly displaying Israeli symbols, refraining from attending unsafe mass events, and avoiding promoting itineraries on social media, as well as photos and descriptions of trips in real time. Has been given.

Israeli embassy spokesman Guy Nir said, “We can confirm that there was an explosion near the embassy at around 5:48 pm. Delhi Police and security teams are still investigating the situation.”

Delhi Police found two suspects during investigation

During investigation, Delhi Police has seen two suspects in the CCTV footage. Now the police is examining the nearby CCTV to find out how the two suspects reached there by which route. Also, the police has received a letter which is written in English.

Attacks have happened before too

Even before this, there have been attacks on the Israeli Embassy and its employees in New Delhi. In 2021, there was an explosion outside the Israeli embassy in which cars were damaged, but there were no injuries. Second in February 2012, the wife of an Israeli security staffer at the embassy was injured in an attack on her car in New Delhi.

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