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Kashmir’s land shook 11 times in 24 hours, now earthquake hits Kargil, Ladakh

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Earthquake occurred in Kargil and Ladakh on Tuesday morning.

Earthquake in Jammu Kargil Ladakh: The earth is trembling once again in Jammu and Kashmir. The earth has shaken here due to earthquake 11 times in the last 24 hours. Due to the continuous earthquakes, there is a fear that a major earthquake might occur in the Himalayan region. Once again an earthquake occurred in Kashmir Valley at 10.31 am on Tuesday. The earth of Kargil and Ladakh trembled due to the earthquake. The earthquake was at a depth of 10 kilometers from the ground. Earthquake tremors have been occurring in the Himalayan areas since Monday afternoon. On Monday night itself, an earthquake occurred in the mountainous region in the north-western region of China.

The series of earthquakes that started in the last few years shows no sign of ending. These days, some news of earthquake keeps coming in different areas of India and the world. Now on Monday afternoon, a total of 4 strong earthquake tremors were felt in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. Due to this earthquake, an atmosphere of panic has arisen among the local people. Let us tell you that there are a large number of hills in these areas, due to which an earthquake can cause major devastation.

The earthquake was of such intensity

According to the information given by the National Center for Seismology, the intensity of this earthquake that occurred in Ladakh and Jammu and Kashmir has been measured at 5.5 on the Richter scale. At the same time, according to many other reports, this earthquake was of 5.7 magnitude. Let us tell you that earthquake of this level is considered dangerous. According to the National Center for Seismology, the earthquake occurred at 3.48 pm on Monday. The epicenter of this earthquake was 10 kilometers inside the earth in Kargil, Ladakh.

Earthquake occurred 4 times in a row on Monday

People of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh had just recovered from an earthquake when once again on Monday at 4.01 pm, people felt earthquake shocks for the second time. This time the intensity of the earthquake was measured at 5.1 on the Richter scale. At the same time, its center is said to be 16 kilometers inside the earth in Kishtwar of Jammu and Kashmir. At the same time, the third earthquake also occurred at 4.01 pm, whose intensity was said to be 3.8. Its center is also said to be within 10 km of the earth. At the same time, the fourth shock of the earthquake occurred at 4.18 pm. Its intensity was measured at 3.6 on the Richter scale and its center was 10 km below the earth in Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir. Thus far, the land of Kashmir has been shaken by earthquake 11 times in the last 24 hours.

Hundreds of deaths due to strong earthquake in mountainous areas of China

Where the earth is shaking due to earthquake in the Himalayan areas of India. There was also a strong earthquake in China on Monday night. The earthquake has caused huge destruction. Hundreds of people died and the death toll is continuously increasing. At least 116 people were killed in an earthquake that struck a cold and mountainous region of northwestern China at midnight on Monday, Chinese state media said Tuesday. The intensity of this earthquake is said to be 6.2. This earthquake has caused considerable damage in Gansu and Qinghai provinces. At the same time, Chinese President Xi Jinping has appealed to work on a war footing in search and rescue work.

More than 500 people injured, roads damaged

Search and rescue operations are underway in Gansu and neighboring Qinghai provinces. According to media reports, more than 500 people were injured in the earthquake, homes and roads were seriously damaged, and power and communication lines were knocked down. The China Earthquake Network Center said a magnitude 6.2 earthquake struck Gansu just before midnight Monday at a relatively shallow depth of 10 kilometers (six miles). The U.S. Geological Survey measured the magnitude at 5.9.

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