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Law changed, if you run away after having an accident on the road, you will be punished for 10 years, but this way the punishment will be less.

Home Minister Amit Shah gave information in Lok Sabha

New Delhi: There is big news for those who run away after having an accident on the road. The government has taken a big step regarding this serious issue and under the new law, if a person runs away after causing an accident on the road and leaves the injured person on the road, he will be punished for 10 years. However, if the person causing the accident takes the injured person to the hospital, his punishment will be reduced. Home Minister Amit Shah has given information about this law in the Lok Sabha.

What else did Shah say?

Shah said, ‘For the first time, laws are going to be made according to the spirit of our Constitution under the leadership of Modi ji. I am proud to have changed these three laws after 150 years. Some people used to say that we should understand them, I tell them that if you keep your mind as an Indian then you will understand. But if your mind is of Italy, you will never understand.

Shah said, ‘Earlier there were 484 sections in the Indian Civil Protection Code (CRPC), now there will be 531, there have been changes in 177 sections. 9 new sections have been added, 39 new sub-sections have been added, 44 new provisions and clarifications have been added, time lines have been added to 35 sections and 14 sections have been deleted.

Shah said, ‘The Indian Penal Code which was made in 1860, its purpose was not to give justice but to give punishment. In its place, the Indian Judicial Code 2023 will be implemented in the entire country after the approval of this House. Indian Civil Defense Code 2023 replacing CrPc will come into force after the approval of this House. And Indian Evidence Bill 2023 will come into force in place of Indian Evidence Act 1872.

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