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Leaders are not judged by their ordinary clothes but by looking at their children: Rahul Gandhi

Image Source : PTI
Congress leader Rahul Gandhi

Kozhikode (Kerala): Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said some leaders cannot be judged on the basis of their simple attire or low-cost watches as they are “very clever” in hiding their real wealth from the general public. He was speaking at the launch of a book written on late Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) leader P Seethi Haji here. He said that the true nature of some leaders can be recognized by looking at their children.

‘Today’s leaders will only show you what they want you to see’

The Congress leader said, “I meet many leaders and as you know, they are very smart people. Today’s leaders will show you only what they want to show you.” Rahul Gandhi said, ”Sometimes when they come to meet me, they come wearing ordinary clothes, low-cost watches and torn shoes. When you go to his house he has big BMWs there. These people are very smart. They know what you are looking at.” According to him, politicians can hide their true identity through clothes and other attire, but ”when it comes to their children, the truth cannot be hidden.” ‘ He said that this is why they had to resort to a new method to quickly and accurately evaluate these individuals.

‘I ask the leaders to send their children to me’

The former Congress president claimed that he has developed this “bulletproof” method of evaluating people after spending almost 18 years in the political field and interacting with various leaders. Gandhi said, “It took me 18 years to find this bulletproof path where it would be impossible for a person to hide the truth about himself. I ask them to send their children to me. With children, the truth cannot be hidden.”

Bashir is an imprint of his father – Rahul

Haji was the leader of IUML and the chief whip of the ruling party in the ninth assembly of Kerala. According to Rahul Gandhi, he does not know much about Haji as he has never met him, but his son P.K. By looking at Bashir, one can guess what kind of person the late IUML leader was. He said, “I am saying this because he (Bashir) is an imprint of his father. I can know about his father by looking at him. Nothing can be hidden.

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